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Art Consulting

Jean Irvine is a dynamic and professional art consultant with more than 16 years of curatorial, gallery and art advisory experience – dedicated to bringing exceptional art to private and corporate clients.The experience of living and working in Europe and the USA afforded her extensive insight into international cultures, fashion and the arts.

Over time, she has established sound relationships with a variety of painters and sculptors whose works cover a generous spectrum of styles and mediums – contributing to the process and inspiring them with concepts and themes.

“The magnificence of thoughtfully-sourced art enriches our lives and our living spaces, adding warmth and texture; igniting a positive emotional response that can be transforming. I am passionate about acquainting my clients with art that is meaningful and which provides long-term enjoyment.”

Ultimately, the convergence of art and design creates visual flow and it is at this juncture where Jean’s wealth of experience in researching works and reinterpreting them for her clientele is well-demonstrated.

Jean Irvine

Former international model Jean developed her love for art while traveling the world. Between assignments she spent her time visiting museums and art galleries. Upon retiring from the modeling world, she decided to make her passion a profession. Jean has run art galleries in Cape Town.

In 2019 she decided to become an independent art consultant.

Lynda Leversha

Lynda assists with administration and the back office.